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Austin Gardens is a Licensed Class B Carehome
11300 Hunters Lane, Austin Texas | 78753
Austin Gardens offers best in class care in a home setting, at a fraction of the price.

Austin Gardens Senior Living Consists of Two Homes: one 4 Bed and one 7 bed, all private suites with a huge shared backyard
Give Mom or Dad the Best Possible Care
With nurse-led care plans, best-in-class training, and cutting edge fall prevention technology, we are raising the bar for what it means to be cared for in a home setting.
Care Plans
We design a care plan for each resident. This is translated into tasks that our caregivers get in an app. Any caregiver can review your family's care plan and make sure they have what they need.
Fall Prevention & Safety
We use technology that monitors the home and has shown to reduce falls by 77% in hospital settings. Depending on your needs, we'll use remote monitoring, a lanyard or wrist band.
World Class Training
Most places "onboard" a new caregiver by having them shadow someone. We provide three days of structured training that ensures quality and consistency for your mom or dad.
Meet Our Team
We employ 8 wonderful staff members who are all regular staff at the home.
Kristen Maddux
"My greatest passions are my 2 beautiful children and helping others when I can. My children are my heart and my soul; they are the ones that keep me going day in and day out. They are my world, my heart and my soul. 

Learn more about Kristen

Kristen has been in the Medical Field for over 25 years. When she graduated from high school she didn’t know if she wanted to work in the medical field or business administration. Kristen began her career in the medical field as she worked towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Resources Management. She has many years experience as a phlebotomist, ophthalmic technician, she’s even assisted in eye surgeries, open heart surgery and much more.
Toni Patranella
Lead Caregiver/Trainer Day Shift
"I am most passionate about my beautiful grandchildren. Every time I see them, their smiles and hugs light up my heart. They are my life! 
I have been a caregiver for over 15 years and have been working at Austin Gardens for 2 years now. I truly enjoy this type of work. Caring for others and helping others is my passion.
Working at Austin Gardens has been a great experience for me because the staff is amazing and everyone works as a team here. The Management at Austin Gardens is awesome; not only do they care about our residents, but they care about their employees as well.
I would highly recommend anyone looking for work to work here at Austin Gardens. Working here is not just a job or a paycheck, we are all a family!
Carmelita Banks
Lead Caregiver/Trainer Night Shift
"I am passionate about being a mom and caring for the rights of people who are not able to speak for themselves."
I have been working in the health care field since 2005. Over these past 17 years, I have learned a lot and have had numerous experiences which has lead me where I am today.
I love working at Austin Gardens because we are family here and not just co-workers. We work very well as a team and truly care about one another. We all share the same passions and concerns for our residents. 
My greatest strength is my independence, ability to multi task and work under pressure. Fun fact about me is that I love to crochet.  
I would recommend Austin Gardens Senior Living for any family looking for a safe place for their loved one, because we truly care about our residents and our care homes actually feel like a real home environment. 
Austin Gardens is a great place to work because the hours are flexible, we work as a team, management is very understanding and listen to all opinions and will work with staff and families no matter what the issue or concern is. 
Evelyn Polk "Evei" 
Caregiver Days
I have been a Certified Nursing Assistant for 5 years now and I have been working for Austin Gardens for 3 years.  I just recently was promoted up into a full time position as a Caregiver.  
The community I work in is awesome and I am truly proud to be part of Austin Gardens team.  I love the ladies I work with and what I do for our community.  
I am a very passionate and caring person. 
The activities we do with our residents are some of our best moments. I like to go on walks with the residents and sit outside in the backyard with them on a nice day.
My main priority is to make sure that remain at their best health, make sure that they are happy and comfortable at all times. I also love to cook for the residents.  
Ariel Banks 
Caregiver Mornings and Days
I am very passionate about helping others in need. I am looking forward to graduating from nursing school so I can continue my career in healthcare and helping people."
I love to go out and have fun with my friends.  I am a lot of fun to be around and I am easy going. A fun fact about me that most don't know, is that I like to paint and do arts and crafts.  
I love working for Austin Gardens because I get to learn about our residents and meet new residents as they move.  We are all like family here and our team is the best around.  We all work very well together and truly love what we do.  It is a lot of fun working at Austin Gardens.  We have a good time and the home is full of positive energy. 
Annaliza Ramon
Caregiver Nights
Courtney McDonald
Caregiver Days/Afternoons
Jenny Beatty
Care Director, RN

Learn more about Jenny

Jenny is an RN and our Nurse on call. She performs care assessments regularly for our residents, and trains our staff on medication administration.

Her passion for caregiving started early in life, when she took care of her grandmother who had Parkinson’s.
Our promise to you:
Is to do what we say and say what we do.
We will communicate. We will Listen.
When you drop your loved one off, that is the beginning, not the end of hearing from us. You'll get regular updates from Kristen and our care givers about your loved one. We'll ask you how to improve and then follow up with actions we are taking in that pursuit.
We will take accountability.
In order to be able to do what we say and say what we do, we will constantly strive for transparency, openness and safety as a team. We want our staff to feel comfortable telling us if something happened, which allows us to make it right with our residents.
We will make each day joyful.
We like to make people happy. We ask our residents about their birthday and prepare cool presents. We plan preschool visits, puppy playtimes, and outings to McDonalds.
We have the best care team! Staff Christmas Party 2021
Our caregivers are at the top of the food chain. We have their backs so that they have yours.
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Let us help you find a home that's best for you.
What's next?
Schedule a call

Email Kristen, to talk to us more about what you're looking for. You'll get to meet our manager, and other folks on our team. Even if we're not the right fit, we'll help you land somewhere great.
House tour, virtually or in person
If it's a good fit, we'd love to have you over for tea and give you a tour of the home.
Day of Arrival
When you arrive on the day of your move, your room will be ready, and you'll have a dedicated caregiver to help unpack, so that you can spend time with your loved one.
Who is the manager?
Kristen is the administrator. She has an extensive caregiving background and has worked in multiple clinical settings. Most important, she is an organized, empathetic and supportive friend you can count on to help with anything you need.
How much does it cost?
We charge a flat fee of $5,500-$6,000 per month, which includes all care, supplies, food, board, and activities.
What does a typical day in the life of a the home look like?
Schedules are personalized to the residents, and are completely individualized for you. Here is an example:

8:00: Breakfast and medication is laid out
10:00: Laundry and cleaning bedrooms
10:30: Coffee and tea
12:30: Family style lunch
2:00: Activity: In-person activities amongst staff and residents.
6:00: Dinner and medication is laid out

Why should I choose Austin Gardens over other options?
  • We're really bringing the professionalism of a bigger facility to small facilities
  • We train our staff both with an extensive onboarding, and we also do ongoing training
  • Oure Registered Nurse creates care plans for each resident, that includes goals on what we want to work on over the next 6 months, whether that be PT or brain puzzle exercises
  • We are bringing on an activities coordinator in the near future to plan activities and games, however, in the meantime our Administrator has extensive experience in activities for seniors as well as dementia and Alzheimer's residents
  • Flexible
  • Month to month lease
  • Excellent care
  • All of our caregivers have years of experience, no one is new to this.
  • In addition, we're constantly growing based on resident needs.
  • Peace of mind
  • You get more for less
  • The average care home price is about $5,200 per month. We are $5,500 to $6000 flat fee, and we coordinate all supplies and any appointments.
  • If there is ANY way we can make your or your loved ones life better, that's what we are here for.

How are you addressing concerns around COVID-19?
The health and safety of our residents and staff are paramount. Diligently adhering to the latest CDC recommendations, we follow COVID-19 prevention & mitigation strategies. This includes:
  • Staff are fully vaccinated
  • Masks: Staff and visitors are required to wear a mask.
  • Early detection: Weekly testing of all staff and residents
  • Cleaning and handwashing: We clean the home bi-weekly and require any staff coming in or out to wash their hands and common surfaces.
  • Minimized contact: With only 5-7 residents per home, the threat of communicable sickness is minimized.
  • Backyard utilization: Our backyard is furnished and free to use with guests who visit their relatives.
What is the staff to resident ratio?
We have 1 caregiver for 5 residents.
How much care is provided?
We provide 24/7 care to our residents. Our team is trained on everything from med management to showering to meal prep. Everything is included.
Is there a nurse or doctor on staff?
Yes. We have an RN, Jenny Beatty (see team above) who works with us to create care plans and train our team. We work with a local geriatric doctor, Dr. Woodall for check ups. We can suggest some, or if you have one they can do house calls.
Our Values
We love our residents.
Caregivers are our frontline workers, and the core of our success and mission. Caregivers provide the expertise, preventative care, and daily interactions that make independent living possible for seniors.
Have fun.
Rooted in our mission is that our golden years are an opportunity for meaningful relationships, less worry about the little things and more enjoyment of living an independent life. We believe in camaraderie, dancing in the kitchen, companion pets, recitals from local kids in the area, game nights, quality time with family, and so much more. We are dedicated to creating a home that brings joy and wow to assisted living.
Life is a journey; enjoy yours at Austin Gardens Senior Living.
Our Story
Care Homes are boutique assisted living homes that provide exceptional, high quality 24/7 care, delivered by experienced staff with decades of experience.
Life's a Journey, Enjoy
Yours at Austin Gardens!
We got you! You can breathe!

"Ensuring your loved one receives incredible care by our friendly and experienced caregivers."
We can't wait to meet you.
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